Backstage@Bloedel: Decorating the Staircase


The staircase in the Visitor Center is decorated for the holiday season every year. This year’s decorations appear to be under the watchful eye of Mr. Bloedel, as seen in the photo below.

The decorations consist of five layers. The first layer is branches from the English elms that were removed from the front of the Visitor’s Center. The second layer is miniatur lights. The third layer is dried hydrangeas. The fourth layer is hand flocking. The fifth layer is glass icicles.

The Solution:

Here Cathy and Martha are stringing the lights on the elm branches.

Cathy is putting hydrangeas into the network of branches and lights.

Martha and Cathy are working their way up the stairs placing the hydrangeas.

Jan applies glue to the branches and hydrangeas with a brush while Cathy holds the box to catch any excess. This gives a "frosted" look to the decorations.

With the branches and hydrangeas prepped with glue, Deb applies the snow. Jan holds the box to catch any snow that doesn't stick.

This photo shows how the icicles blend in and complement the hydrangeas and the lights.

This photo shows how the icicles are attached. Each one is tied separately with black wire.

The Result:

The Team:

First Row: Cathy Tyler, Florist for the Reserve, Irene Holt, Volunteer. Second Row: Marianne Mallabon, Volunteer. Third Row: Deb Dameron, Volunteer. Fourth Row: Jan Hall, Volunteer

Martha Goldingay, Volunteer

Volunteers not pictured: Sharon Kulfan, Sigrid Knight, Helen Muterspaugh

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