Mission / Philosophy / Quotes from Prentice Bloedel


The Bloedel Reserve is an internationally renowned public garden whose primary mission is to provide a tranquil and refreshing experience of nature. The Reserve’s 150 acres are a unique blend of natural woodlands and beautifully landscaped gardens, including a Japanese Garden, a Moss Garden, and Reflection Pool, and the Bloedel’s former estate home. We invite you to visit this Northwest treasure.


(This statement of philosophy and purpose for Bloedel Reserve was composed by the founder, Prentice Bloedel.)

The Bloedel Reserve is a place where people find refreshment and tranquility in the presence of natural beauty.

The Reserve is an arboretum and natural reserve situated in a region that enjoys a most favorable climate for growing a diversity of plants.

The Reserve’s primary interest is in the relationship between plants and people. There is a generally acknowledged but little understood ability of plants and landscape to evoke a wide variety of deeply felt emotions, ranging from tranquility to exhilaration.

The Reserve is a place to experience the bond between people and nature. It is a place for people but not in clamorous crowds. It is a place in which to enjoy and learn from the emotional and aesthetic experience of nature the values of harmony, respect for life and tranquility. It is a place to enjoy and learn the values of eclectic design, aesthetics and ecology as the catalysts for the harmonious interaction of people and nature.